Who Watches the Watchmen?

You might recognize this article’s title as an important question posed in Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel, "Watchmen." If you’re unfamiliar with the novel, this line examines what happens when heroes (the Watchmen) are left unchecked. What happens when one of them goes rogue and can’t stopped? It’s fundamentally a call for a checks and balances approach — one that applies to various aspects of life and business. For a tech-focused example of the need for “watchers,” consider a typical IT [...]

Should You Have Content or Design First?

While hiring an agency to make the official website for your startup, the question arises on the order of priorities of events.  Sure, if you’re a technology guy with advance knowledge of coding, programming or web designing then you’d be working the build yourself, but not many entrepreneurs have the luxury of that knowledge. Either way, the options in designing are almost unlimited today – from swirly animations, smooth java, imbedded flash plug-ins and parallax scrolling, the use of [...]

Internet Technology … Matters

Done right, technology is something that is neither seen nor heard: it should just work. And, because it is rarely seen or heard, for many people it's easy to think of the Internet solely in terms of the various important opportunities and experiences it has brought us — making it possible for families to communicate at great distances, breaking down barriers, changing the scale of businesses (both large and small), sharing of pictures and video, meeting new friends, finding [...]